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PostSubject: Tony_Montanna   Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:33 pm

Broke this rule and disrespect Lt. Apologized and later found out was kiddin but still.

5. NO VULGAR TALK, NO BAD WORDS. Try your best not to use abusive words, this wont get you deranked, but if you go off on a crew member you will be kicked. This does not apply when you are joking. When you are having fun, you ofcourse use insults sometimes, but they are not ment, but also make them know you are just joking, that you do not mean it. If the person you're joking with, says enough, stop, you stop. That means it isnt fun for him anymore, if you do not, you will be deranked, if you continue, kicked.

deranked to outsider

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